*naggle v.& n. • v.1 intr. cause subtle persistent irritation; 2 intr. feel unease or worry at uncompleted task. • n. a persistent irritation, concern or annoyance.                   [colloq. new word created for Tackle THAT THING™ because neither nag nor niggle - on their own - describe this irritant adequately]

Tackle That Thing Programmes

  • Tackle THAT THING!™ Action Networking

    Unique networking events. Meet new contacts in a structured, interactive and fun environment. For new groups, established networks or workplace groups. Stimulating conversations, challenging topics, no awkward silences….

  • Tackle THAT THING!™ Personal Productivity

    Personal effectiveness workshops and programmes. Improve productivity and time-management. Set and achieve goals and targets. Delegate. Stop procrastinating. Packed with practical strategies, tactics, techniques and tips….

  • Tackle THAT THING!™ Achievement Mentoring

    One-to-one mentoring and coaching. Explore your potential with an expert who is passionate about your success and wellbeing. Identify what’s holding you back. Develop your own personal action plan. Increase your motivation and energy….

About Us

Tackle THAT THING! is the brainchild of Miriam Ahern and Anne Corcoran.  Over lunch one day we were talking about miserable chores that the two of us knew we would ultimately have to do but that we each kept putting off.  Those ‘things’ were different for each of us and we both had our own very different reasons for procrastinating them….

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Client Testimonials

Tackle That Thing.  It’s not your average time management workshop.  It starts you on a practical process of tackling that important ‘have-to-do’ thing that is put on the long-finger but manages to drain lots of your energy.  You know the way, it will take 5 minutes to actually do it and get it out of the way but you waste 5 days/weeks/months thinking about how you should do it, but really don’t want to.  Miriam creates an open and practical atmosphere to coach you through.  Well worth it.  Get that monkey off your back!.
Eibhlin Curley, Assistant CEO, Dublin City Enterprise Board.