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Tackle THAT THING! is the brainchild of Miriam Ahern and Anne Corcoran.  Over lunch one day we were talking about miserable chores that the two of us knew we would ultimately have to do but that we each kept putting on the long finger.  Those ‘things’ were different for each of us and we both had our own very different reasons for procrastinating them…

‘Things’ are, by their nature, unavoidable

What we did have in common though was this – only we ourselves  could tackle our ‘things’. We couldn’t delegate them. Not doing them was not an option. And so, because of their unavoidable nature, those ‘things’ kept sneaking their way back into our consciousness  – over and over again. They made us feel guilty, irritated and weary – EVERY SINGLE TIME we remembered them. Aaargh!

The pay-off of tackling that ‘thing’ is disproportionate

Another thing that we agreed on was that the relief of finally tackling one of those ‘things’ and getting that monkey off your back is that the pay-off is positively disproportionate to the completion of the chore itself – which can often be mundane or unexceptional. Getting the ‘thing’ done is satisfying. However, it is the relief, release and peace of mind of not having to think about it any more that is absolutely priceless. That’s the supreme pay-off!

Each procrastination profile is unique to the individual!

We spoke with loads of colleagues and friends about this paradox. What we soon came to realise is that each procrastination profile is unique to the individual. Agreeing that sabotaging ourselves like this was unnecessary and enormously counter-productive – if not downright silly – we set about deconstructing the types of chores that people tend to procrastinate and analysing the reasons why tackling them is so unappealing.

The secret is to understand and manage yourself

The result of our work is our TACKLE method which ensures that YOU get YOUR ‘things’ done, on time and with the appropriate effort. The only way to do this is for you to understand and manage yourself. We’ll help you to identify the types of ‘things’ that you habitually tend to procrastinate. Then we’ll teach you your own particular strategies and techniques, tactics and tips to conquer your frustration. You’ll recognise when to engage these so you can stop sabotaging yourself and finally get those naggling monkeys off your back.

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