Don’t Waste Time Waiting – Five things you can do while you wait

Posted by: Miriam | Posted on: October 13th, 2011 | 0 Comments

How often during the day do you find yourself waiting for something?  At the bus-stop, in your doctor’s waiting room, in your client’s reception area, in the classroom, in a queue?

You can get a lot done in a few spare minutes

Why not use this spare time to your advantage?  Here are five productive things that you can do while you are waiting:

  1. Clear out all of those old receipts and unwanted bits and bobs that are lurking in the depths of your briefcase, backpack, school-bag or handbag and pop them in the nearest litter bin.
  2. Do a quick delete of unwanted text or email messages on your telephone or laptop.
  3. Review and update your to-do list.
  4. Draft a blog-post.
  5. Carry some essential reading material with you each day – use the gift of unexpected spare time to review that report, article or essay.

Think about it.  You can accomplish some very useful things in a short time-window.  What’s your favourite way of using your waiting time?

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