Let a new energy enter your life

Posted by: Anne | Posted on: September 6th, 2011 | 0 Comments

I was talking to a good friend last week on the principles of “Tackle that Thing” in general and yesterday got an email from her saying how inspired she was to go home and get some monkeys off her back.  It started small with a button to be sown on, led to a hem being fixed and ended up with a whole back room being tidied out and de-cluttered.

How brilliant to get these things done and dusted but it was the feelings that were generated that we were musing upon last Friday.

The energy generated by doing one task begets more energy and that is the feeling that is priceless, a lightness and an empowerment that spurs you on to tackling more and leaves you feeling brilliant.

Here’s a sobering exercise; go into each room of your house and estimate the % of space taken up by things you rarely or never use.  Apparently the statistics for an average house work out at 47% junk per room!!  Would you like to reduce that by even 5% and reclaim your energy?

Just think, it started for my friend with a button, what’s your one small thing???


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