Tackle THAT THING!™ Action Networking

These are fun and lively networking events which are well suited to new groups, established networks, teams, or workplace colleagues. Every event is carefully scoped to meet the needs of each group. No two events are identical.

At the event, each participant identifies what THAT THING! is for them. Then they work with and learn from each-other.  They employ our TACKLE method to deal with those really unappealing tasks. They learn how to be organised, how to manage themselves and how to avoid procrastination. They learn how to get motivated, act immediately and get results.

It can be much easier to find a way forward when the problem is someone else’s. Our networking participants work in groups, using our proven framework, to help each other to get unstuck and take action. They explore strategies, tactics, techniques and tips to tackle THAT THING! We’ve had some really amazing, quirky and clever results with this process.

The facilitated, interactive nature of these events encourages introductions and relationship-building among participants.

In organisations, structured internal networking events can build friendships, improve co-operation and increase collaboration within teams and groups or across functions and divisions.

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