Tackle THAT THING!™ Personal Productivity

Our fun and challenging programmes are suitable for people who wish to increase their personal effectiveness. You’ll explore strategies, tactics, techniques and tips to be efficient, productive and in control.

We will help you to develop effective day-to-day habits to ensure that you can always prioritise properly, remain focused, handle distractions, delegate successfully and prevent procrastination.

We will show you how to identify your time-wasters and develop your own particular strategies to avoid them.

You will find out how to lead your team, prioritise your work-load, and achieve your targets and goals.

You will learn how to inspire, motivate and manage both yourself and others. You’ll learn how to be organised, make sound decisions, solve problems easily and deal with conflict quickly and effectively.

Based on our TACKLE framework for action-planning and execution, each programme is carefully tailored to meet the needs of each group. For business groups, we can align our intervention to the organisation’s strategy or plans.

No two programmes are ever the same. Why not call us now and find out how we can galvanise your group?

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