I found the Tackle THAT THING! session extremely beneficial. It was a very effective time-management refresher and was very thought-provoking. The difference with this particular programme was that it is structured in such a way that commitments to improve both personal and professional effectiveness were achieved post session.

Audrey Houlihan, Head of HR, Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services Ltd.

Miriam and Anne delivered Tackle THAT THING! to a group of our participants. It combined a lively and energetic start with a quieter, reflective conclusion which left the participants with plenty of food for thought. It’s a perfect workshop to get people to confront their “pain points” and the use of peer suggestions makes it all seem more manageable.

Geraldine Lavin, Programme Manager, Business Innovation Programme, Dublin City University Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship.

I attended the “Tackle THAT THING!” programme in the DCU Ryan Academy. This session combined the powerful tool of visualisation with a highly interactive exercise that taps into the knowledge and experience of other participants. The result is a very lively and interesting session with lots of ideas generated to help each participant. I personally came away with a plan to tackle the one thing that was really holding me back. I have since completed this major task and look forward to tackling similar challenges in the near future.

Mick Rock, Founder, Act NOW

Most, if not all of us, live with a little voice constantly reminding us of that thing – that nagging thing we need to get done. Yet we allow it to take up precious space in our minds continuously. That all changes when you take the Tackle THAT THING! course. I have witnessed and participated in many productivity courses however none take the approach of this one, a mix of networking, personal reflection and action steps, Tackle THAT THING! uses the power of community to build an action plan to help you literally tackle that thing. The members of Worksearch 2.0 were really positive about the programme and got the motivation and action plan to tackle that thing!

Aaron Downes, Founder, Worksearch 2.0, Dublin Job Club

I got Miriam to run a Tackle THAT THING! Time-management seminar for the Plato Business network. Miriam designed the course to be very practical, so that everyone came away with time management tips they could implement immediately in their businesses. The session was very interactive and well-structured and the feedback was very good.

Marion Walshe, Regional Manager, PLATO Dublin

Tackle That Thing.  It’s not your average Time Management workshop.  It starts you on a practical process of tackling that important ‘have-to-do’ thing that is put on the long-finger but manages to drain lots of your energy.  You know the way, it will take 5 minutes to actually do it and get it out of the way but you waste 5 days/weeks/months thinking about how you should do it, but really don’t want to.  Miriam creates an open and practical atmosphere to coach you through.  Well worth it.  Get that monkey off your back!.

Eibhlin Curley, Assistant CEO, Dublin City Enterprise Board

Following Miriam’s session and help from my group I have tackled “that thing”. I now feel better. What’s more I am still doing “ Tackle That Thing” .  There is great benefit as it frees up the mind to concentrate on other things. Thank you.

Finbarr Cleary, Director,  Celtic Forwarding Ltd.,  Member Business Owners Network Dublin Chamber of Commerce

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