The bigger picture of getting things done – personal productivity

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When I think of productivity I immediately imagine “getting things done”, constructing my to do list and the wonderful feeling of accomplishment when everything gets ticked off. 

 What about the bigger picture to our own personal productivity?  Whilst investigating this more, I offer to you six important facets that add to personal productivity.

 -         Continuous professional development.   Are you keeping up to date with the latest trends, creativity, changes in your profession or organisation?  Or if you focus is not in business, are you interested in your own personal development?

-         Organisation – a tidy desk is a tidy mind?  I’m not so sure about that but what level of organisation to you need to be most effective?  Remember it is different for everyone and what works for you is the right one!!

-         Managing time – we all have 24 hours in the day, can you use yours with a little more wisdom?

-         Managing stress – stress is good, it keeps up challenged and motivated at times.  It is only when our resources are less than the stresses coming at us that we need to look at strategies to boost our resilience.  One powerful tip:  breath!  Deeply, slowly and often

-         Innovation – where is your originality and creativity?  Have you forget that part of self that was plentiful when you were younger?  How can you reintroduce it into your life?

-         Being decisive – is crucial to keeping your plans going.  We often hold back from making the decision waiting for the perfect time, knowledge or circumstances to occur.  Be brave, know that perfection doesn’t exist and decide!

 Do any of these facets resonate with you?  If there was one you would choose to focus on, what would it be? 

Let us know how you got on

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